We are a multimedia platform that shares and celebrates the stories of dope young women connected to hip hop and who are otherwise not represented positively or powerfully in the media. Le Reine Noire grew from the ideology of hip hop feminism* and serves to empower and inspire young women and girls to pursue their dreams and goals. Our aim is to showcase influential women of color in the hip hop industry, whether that means they are artist, producers, rappers, poets, steppers, singers, dancers and more, as they work to break down barriers, stereotypes, and glass ceilings.


*Hip-hop feminism is a way of thinking and living that is rooted in different life experiences than either the traditional feminism of the Women's Liberation Movement or the black feminism of the Civil Rights Movement. The ideology was born out of a need to understand the many cultural, social and political conditions that the women of the hip-hop generation (born after 1965) faced. These women weren't dealing directly with issues of invisibility brought on by systems of segregation, for example. Rather, they were battling extreme visibility within the media and its negative stereotyping. Although some critics consider hip hop disempowering, merely reproducing dominant racist and sexist images of black women, there are many black women artists who attempt to challenge and undermine such representations. They prove that despite its limitations, hip-hop can in fact be emancipatory for black women.