A Poem for the Night Time Blues

Source:  Steemit

Source: Steemit

*Read this in the dark with Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" playing in the background. 

I guess I scared ya heart away, or I guess you dressed up as a ghost to make my heart cold & back into a hole I plan never to dig up again. I guess your heart was like a jack-o-lantern that I thought I had lit up to make you happy, but I couldn't see your evil face carved outside by who I brought you from. You stop at doors like a little kid, stopping at different girl's hearts saying "trick or treat," am I a trick or a treat? Am I an option or just a replacement, am I a piece of candy that you eat when you first open your bag or am I piece that you throw off to the side because "you don't like the taste." 

Well, today I'll make you taste your bitter sour candy heart & make you knock on the doors that you use to go to first. Make you face your fears & meet the true demons that lie within yourself. let me redefine the definition of ghost for you, let me remind you of the childhood monsters that hid in your closet, do not forget I know your deepest, darkest secrets that you chose to keep under your bed, hoping they don't crawl out, but let me crawl out of this hole I dug when I fell face first in the dirt for you, let me dust off the dust from the grave which lay the broken promises you once spit from your cold & shattered voice. Let me wipe up the fragile marks I left on your skin because ghost don't leave fingerprints, they will be no trace or sound that you were ever alive to me, a walking zombie you will be, a dead spirit floating endlessly around a deep & twisted world.

I will let you suffer, I will let you rot like a corpse, I hope field mice have a hay day in your rib cage, I hope poison runs to your brains just like the poison that runs through my blood every time you say you love me. I hope the devil makes a special room for you in hell just make sure you don't wear all white because your nothing that's pure. Maybe if you live in hell for eternity you will realize what you have done to me & that your lies felt like infinity but this identity you possess is nothing but simple insecurities. Simply because another demon stepped into your body, you choose to stay controlled. 

Let us soak in my shower of tears & wash with my feelings. Let us sleep in dead dreams & dream about lively nightmares let us rot in our shadows & fill places bigger than our egos & on your way to empty nothingness, pick up your heart on the way, turn it into Satan as your ticket to your new paradise and look into the mirror and you'll realize the devil is you.