A Bruja and Tomboy: A Profile on Princess Nokia

Whether it is throwing soup at racist train passengers or selling out venues to hear her spit, Princess Nokia is living her best life. 

Destiny Frasqueri is soft spoken when she speaks conversationally, but as a rapper, she takes no time showing off her flow.  She has a tomboy aesthetic; oversized Knicks jackets and jeans, New Balance 624s, and thin wire glasses.  She reps Spanish Harlem and the Lower East Side of New York and is an absolute champion for feminism, free sexuality, and spirituality.  With precision and detail, Nokia takes her audience with her and lays out the groundwork of the song, allowing them to see her life through her eyes. 

My roommate Cat* got me hooked. I heard of her since Cat was writing an essay on Nokia and different brands of feminism, but it was the soup throwing incident that got me hooked. I stayed up until all hours listening to her mixtape, trying to understand her style and story. I know I got on the Nokia train super late, but it was (and still is) definitely worth it. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 10.57.57 AM.png

Originally as "Wavy Spice" on Soundcloud, Nokia released singles that acknowledged her Taino upbringing and vocalized her support of queer and transgender womanhood and femme sexuality. This in turn earned her support from fellow rappers like Le1f and Mykki Blanco. Nokia continues to be a voice for queer and transgender people of color in her music, all while staying showcasing her own level of sophistication. 

As of now, Nokia is a growing force in hip-hop as an Afro-Puerto Rican woman and will continue to be so. She is currently touring in East Europe with her "1992 Deluxe" mixtape; her first only-rap project and will hopefully release more music next year. 

*name change