Rihanna Paying Homage to Queen Nefertiti - Cultural Appropriation?

Rihanna may have more on her to do list in a day than we may have in a month. And as always she is up to big things and this time, she graces the cover of Vogue Arabia's November issue. “Thousands of years apart, two iconic women will finally meet in the pages of Vogue Arabia,” announced the magazine.   


The singer, designer and beauty queen paid homage to the Egyptian queen, Queen Nefertiti with a colorful snake-skin jacket and bold makeup to match. But we can't forget the blue headpiece thoughtfully placed on Rihanna's head, essentially a replica of the Egyptian queen's iconic crown.


Rihanna playing this role seemed fitting as she was a fan of the queen, as shown by the tattoo on her torso honoring the ancient goddess. However, not everyone agreed, some people arguing on behalf of cultural appropriation and others against.

What do you think? Do you think it's cultural appropriation or appreciation? Let us know.