The #HomeGirl Cypher: Lauren Flagg


Have you ever had the opportunity to work with a celebrity? Have you ever had the chance to design and create your own clothing brand? If you have, then you must be Lauren Flagg, the next Tracy Reese in fashion design. 

"Crazy thing is, I couldn't always draw," says Lauren Flagg. Lauren is an emerging fashion  designer in Atlanta, Georgia. At 23, she has worked with brands such as "Diafora" and has created her own clothing brand, "Blvck Luxury."

Where did it start?

"In high school, I found my love for art. My sophomore year I was into vintage 80s and 90s style and started getting to draw." After graduating high school, Lauren went on to major in Fashion Marketing and Management at The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. "I wanted to be a well-known fashion illustrator and technical designer."

What inspires you?

"Other artist to do better. I am a huge fan of Hayden Williams, he is one of my biggest inspirations. I want to better my craft and my designs." While talking to Lauren, she told me she is also inspired by the new generation of fashion. "I love Rihanna and how she expresses her self through fashion and music."


What is your greatest accomplishment? Greatest challenge?

"My greatest accomplishment is moving to Atlanta and working with Rasheeda." Lauren is currently working with Rasheeda at her boutique, Pressed. You might have seen Rasheeda on the reality television show, Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta.

"I kept emailing her assistant and they finally got back to me." Along with working with Rasheeda, Lauren's designs have been recognized by internet sensations, Chloe and Halle Bailey.  "My greatest challenge was also finding my voice and proving myself too other designers that I am fit for the part." 

If you could, what advice would you give to other female designers?

"It's not about the glitz and glam. People don't have to take you as a joke. I want to shine the light on the female artists and letting them know that people don't have to take you as a joke and that you didn't make it into the industry by men." 

How do you think your work contributes to society?

"It just expresses different cultures and incorporates all ages, genders, and race." Lauren's idea to incorporate everyone is just the first part. "We can better ourselves. Stop being selfless and lift each other up. You don't know how others can help you. Love conquers all. Push forward."

What is the top 3 life lessons you think you have learned?

"Stay close to god. Stay focused. It's okay for people to say no."

So who should we pass the mic to next?

"My boyfriend @Jo_Cund and my business friend and also upcoming artist @blvcknc

Lauren Flagg is working her way to becoming her own version of a fashion designer. Her designs are vibrant and come to life on the page. After talking to Lauren, I can tell that she is also using her talents to teach the next generation of black fashion designers how maneuver in the industry without tarnishing their name. Kudos to you, Lauren.  


If you would like to stay updated with Lauren and her work follow her on Instagram @_flaggs.