Young B: Better Known as Bianca Bonnie

Remember when Young B had all the girls & boys doing the Chicken Noodle Soup with a soda on the side? Yeah, the anthem that won the young mc a soul train award in 2007 for best Rap Dance Cut. Young B who now goes by Bianca Bonnie has been away from the spotlight for a minute, but upon appearing on Love & Hip-Hop it’s clear that rap is still her passion. With a cute, soft voice, followed by a unique flow, Bianca has bars and it’s up to you to see for yourself with her album “10 Plus.”

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

As a female rapper, Bianca Bonnie is already breaking barriers and challenging the rap game. Not only does she challenge it without receiving the recognition she deserves, she doesn’t shy away from touching on the topic of colorism through her music. One of my favorite songs from her is called “Faith in These Brownskins” where she celebrates the beauty of black women, specifically those with dark skin.

Bianca Bonnie put a spin on the lyric by Fabulous “all I got is faith is these light skins” in this song & proves that Black Girl Magic is real. She made sure to highlight the beauty of dark skin women because in this society & especially the rap industry, dark skin is still sometimes viewed as taboo. This was a really bold & dope move by Miss Bonnie & we truly believe she has the talent, confidence and charisma to go far. We see you, Bianca & we really want you to win!

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