The #HomegirlCypher

Pass the mic, sis.

According to Urban Dictionary, a cypher is "the process of tapping into your subconscious." It is a "state of mind where thoughts and actions flow from your mind rather than being instrumented." This is usually seen in freestyle circles along with beat boxing and breakdancing circles as well.  

Women of color don’t get enough credit for being powerful and courageous, so let’s challenge that by sharing our strength. With the #HomegirlCypher, we as women will be able to celebrate and highlight the achievements of women of color connected to hip hop in some way and who are otherwise not represented positively and powerfully in the media.

Photo Credit:  Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Although you can consider this a campaign, we're not calling it one but rather a cypher, passing the mic from one woman to the next without breaking the cycle. 

We're asking you to share a challenging time in your life and how you were able to overcome it. As Black women, we tend to face the most obstacles in the course of life. What obstacles have you faced? How did you overcome them? What advice would you give to your younger self and other women currently facing the same struggle? We want to hear your stories, journeys, gains, triumphs, struggles and challenges to inspire other women. Cyph & pass the mic.