Cardi B: A Feminist Icon?

She’s real, she’s bold, she’s unapologetically herself and she’s killing the rap game. Some would even describe her life as the fairytale come up.

Photo Credit:  Complex

Photo Credit: Complex

Belcalis Almanzar, better known by her stage name Cardi B, always had a love for the arts. She attended a specialized high school for music but would eventually drop out of college when she found it stressful to balance both work and school life.

Her music career didn’t immediately launch from that point, rather she took a more unconventional route.

To become financially independent she became a stripper whilst simultaneously becoming a social personality. Her Instagram consisted of videos that were both hilarious and empowering. She uplifted women and encouraged them to become more independent. She clapped back at users who pointed out her teeth or the surgery she had done on her body. She also got real and emphasized that it wasn’t always about a college degree and that education could not dictate someone’s entire life or how they should be treated.

After a while her personality and social media following allowed her to make money from simply hosting events and creating sponsored Instagram posts. It was around 2016 that she took rap seriously and began to put out music. She also landed a role on Love and Hip Hop New York, arguably being the most popular castmate on the show.

Cardi has a certain charisma to her that draws people in. She’s real. She doesn’t try to mask who she is or where she’s from. She grew up in the Bronx and claims it every second that she gets. She’s blown up exponentially but hasn’t let the fame change her one bit. She’s relatable and every inner city kid can see a bit of themselves in Cardi.

Her music is the same. She raps with a unique voice and drawl that you can only find in the city streets. Her music is all about her come up and the lyrics reflect her own life and similar realities.

Cardi B is a feminist icon.

 She doesn’t fit into the mold of what people deem a “feminist” should be, but she definitely embodies the movement in every single way. She encourages other women to be independent, she uplifts her community, and she stays true to herself.

In an Instagram post on November 16,2016 she took down those same stereotypes and combated what a feminist should be. “If you believe in the equal rights of men and women, that makes you a feminist,” she said. Not education, not reading a book on feminism and certainly not degrading women and promoting an idealized version of what they should be. She reiterated that she supports everyone including women who may have totally different lifestyles from her. And that is a trait that often so called feminists lack.

Photo Credit:  Complex

Photo Credit: Complex

Cardi B never expected fame to come from what she did but she has it now. And she’s arguably become a heroine for our generation.

A girl who grew up in the hood, gained a social following and then turned that around to launch her into stardom. Some may say she lost her way when she dropped out of college and became a stripper. Some, even Cardi herself, would say that’s exactly how it was all meant to happen.

Cardi is taking the world by storm, fiercely herself and a model to what feminism should be. Inclusive, uplifting and unapologetic.  

What do you all think about Cardi's rise to the top and her takes on feminism?