Royalty's, Chris Brown's Daughter, Unisex Clothing Line Launch

Photo Credit:  Royalty Brown Clothing

Enough of Chris Brown, looks like we have another entrepreneur in the making. Three-year-old, Royalty Brown, has already launched her career in the fashion industry (clearly the rest of us need to get it together and step our game up) with the help of her mom, Nia Guzman

My little happy baby! 🤗.... yesterday's mail runs. 📬... always fun. ✨ WWW.ROYALTYBROWN.COM✨

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According to the Daily Mail U.K, Royalty’s mom, filed an International Class 25 trademark under Royalty's name back in May 2016, which includes clothing, footwear and headwear.

Photo Credit:  Royalty Brown Clothing

This news comes to no surprise as Royalty probably gets some of her fashion sense from her dad, who has his own fashion line with Black Pyramid. The line includes clothing featuring monster graphics, two-pieces and one-piece suits. The mission of the brand is to create clothing “for the fun and energetic kid with an outgoing personality.” The clothing line is fun and young and those monster graphics are cool enough to attract any kid.

What do you think about Royalty's clothing line?