Rapsody Who?

Rapsody is an emcee from North Carolina, she uses her natural southern charm and wisdom to relay stories and messages on social issues. Her voice is a smooth sound to your ear, the same way velvet is to touch-and the bars are top shelf, if you overstand.
She started her career in a rap group called Kooley High in her home state of North Carolina. Later on she would launch her career as a solo artist when she signed with 9th wonders record label, It’s A Wonderful World in 2008. She’s since signed with Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation, in 2016.

Photo Credit:  Shazam

Photo Credit: Shazam

The first time I heard Rapsody was a special moment. I actually never turned the one song off, I had it on repeat. The song features BJ The Chicago Kid and it’s called “Good Good Love.” In this song Rapsody displays the essence of rap in the respect it was made for--The Storyteller.
Listening to her on this track gives you the feeling of sitting down in a quiet room full of true hip hop fans or folktale enthusiast. She tells an amazing story of love and struggle, with the assistance of an old voicemail from her mother and BJ The Chicago Kid. By using her voice she speaks on social issues that we all go through, making her relatable to all. The greatest part of listening to her is hearing her views and thoughts on life, all the while giving invaluable advice and insight. It’s artistic introspection.
Her ability to manipulate words fluidly in combination with the unique cadence in her voice has is a gift to those who appreciate rap. As a fan of hip-hop and emceeing I love listening to artist who know how to let the track breathe. Letting the track breathe can be a hard concept to explain, but when you give her a listen you’ll hear it. The important pauses that give emphasis to rhyme and the instrumental. She matches the tone and feel of every instrumental effortlessly.

Photo Credit:  Hip Hop DX

Photo Credit: Hip Hop DX

Since her days with Kooley High, Rhapsody has been signed twice, dropped numerous mixtapes and has recorded two studio albums. Her last move was her greatest yet. Crown, her newly released project is currently on repeat, I implore you to check her out, you won’t be disappointed.

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