Study Vibez: First Edition

"Mannnn. This math homework is killing me. Plus I got this stupid essay due for my social science class and I haven't even started yet. I swear when I get home I'm just going to turn my phone on "Do Not Disturb" and get my work done. If only I had some music to listen too..."

As a student myself, this is a constant conversation I have with as I am going down the lengthy list of assignments I have to complete. These 7 songs will help you focus, while giving you a nice beat to nod your head too while you are reading that long article, or starting to write the 5 page essay due next week.

  1. blkjuptr- Smino. It has a smooth beat and a nice melody.
  2. Addicted- Iman Omari. This is an Intrumental that can be quietly played in the background or low in headphones.
  3. Untitled (How Does It Feel)- D'Angelo. R&B songs definitely are helpful when trying to study. The acoustic sound gives a nice undertone to listen to.
  4. Healing- India Arie. This is another acoustic song with a melodic voice.
  5. Free Lunch- Isaiah Rashad. This song is thought provoking, consider it a poetic rap over a 70s and 90s beat. The song helps keep you calm, for those days that you have writer's block.
  6. Shake Em Off- Syd. Syd gives us all soul. Her mild voice gives you something to lightly tap your foot to while your researching for class.
  7. Crew- GoldLink ft. Brent Faiyaz and Shy Glizzy. Every study playlist needs a calm banger. This song will give you a little free time to move around and milly rock calmy in your seat. This song is just enough to have you hyped and relaxed, this is an extra pep in your step.

Which song is your favorite from this list? Let us know.


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