THE READ: Accountability and Music Critique

Accountability is the life blood that keep society afloat. Do something wrong, and someone will eventually right you. Celebrities are no different, more so because of their platforms and the stakes of their craft on the wider discussion across both the country, and the world. But, who checks the uncheckable? THE READ, that’s who.

THE READ is a podcast hosted predominately on Soundcloud and hosted by Youtuber and comedian, Kid Fury and social commentator and BEATS 1 host, Crissles. Their purpose? To Read, of course. A "read," according to our own knowledge of colloquial terms appropriated from black queer culture, is just what it evidences: a soul-gazing reflection of someone’s else’s most foolish truths. The duo reads everyone from wide mouthed rappers to politicians to rude bankers at Chase to whatever Stevie J is. Most importantly, they challenge the people discussed to look at the imperatives of the words they’ve said or actions taken. They further challenge their audiences to think smarter than those discussed on the show.

And they do this in an hour and thirty minutes…sometimes. The actual timing for the show really depends on their mood, if we’re being totally honest.

Though, what most often get wrong about accountability is that it is far more than just reaction. Reaction is emotional, reaction is uncalculated, and reaction is temporary. Crissles and Kid Fury is proactive. The core culture for the show is that of rectifying action and providing inside. Why else would our esteemed host offer a listener letter portion? Because screaming at people without sharpening your tools of reasoning and realization is just baseless. You need to be sharp, focused onto the mission in hope of protecting and growth.


What's most peculiar about THE READ, though, isn't that they hold celebrities accountable for their actions, and its prosecution across the board of oppressed minorities (particularly of the African diaspora), but their focus on music critique as well. Crissles and Kid Fury are card-carrying members of the Bee Hive, and devout lovers of hood culture. Kid Fury is a Migos fan; Crissles likes country music and they've criticized members of both groups and their peers amongst both genres on at least one episode, if not more. 

Somehow, THE READ has made this unconscious statement that with any celebrity, any artform, but most importantly music: what you do is put under the spotlight no matter the shine of your own stage. Everything from half-assed interview to a iPhone notes scripted, Instagram press release is given the same weight as any passive declaration of hate. Especially if that declaration just parades how strong and wrong you really are: because there is no excuses when Google is free.

THE READ is the digital age’s ode to the accountability politics necessary to keep people honest and true. And the celebs hear it. With guests like Issa Rae, LeVar Burton and the immaculate Kelly Rowland, the politics are good, safe and sound. And any show that pisses Stevie J that much is a fortified monolith of character.

To Crissles and Kid Fury, words mean things. You can bet your black ass on that one.