Having Black Girl Hair Is Lit!

There is no doubt that Black women with natural hair have a lot of versatility and we can do so much with our hair.  There are so many top trending hairstyles that Black women have been wearing and killing lately -- from crochet to wigs to braids. Not only are these styles cute, but they are a great way for women with natural hair to have a protective style, so that they do not have to be bothered with their hairstyling efforts. These styles are easy and very convenient as well.


Braids are definitely nothing new, but these days people are getting way more creative and stylish with how they wear them. The styles shown below are pretty much a good representation of the most popular styles worn by Black women lately. The "Lemonade" braids, made popular by Beyonce and pretty much named after her most recent album "Lemonade" is one of the most popular braid style currently. She wore the style in her visual album along with tribal braids and we have been seeing both trends nonstop ever since. 

1) Lemonade Braids

2) Tribal Braids


Crochet has been around for years as well. Actually, the first person I can recall that rocked the heck out of some crochet is singer, Brandy. She wore her hair in braids and crochet during her time on the sitcom, "Moesha." Nowadays, people are crocheting everything, from twists to weaves to locs. Crochet is easier to do, takes less time, and the take down process has been made simpler. You can have the look of box braids, Havana twists, locs or even a full weave in a simple crochet.  

1) Twist

2) Weave

Faux Locs

Faux locs and Goddess locs are a major trend now too. Goddess locs, made popular by actress, Megan Good, are extremely popular and worn by so many. I've even had them in my head a few times too, and they are absolutely one of my favorites hair styles out of the protective style and natural hair styles that are trending.  Although, Megan Good has her locs done with human hair, you can achieve the same look with hair right from your local beauty supply store. Both faux locs and goddess locs are meant to mimic the look of real dread locs. The style is super versatile, cute and is loved by many.

1) Goddess Locs

2) Locs

Half Wigs

Wigs are always a go to for the woman on the go or even the woman who just doesn't want to make a commitment for too long when it comes to hair styles.  Half wigs (shown below) are great for these situational purposes. You can wear them as a full wig and style it to your liking or you can simply pull them back a bit, leave some of your real hair out and do a quick style incorporating your hair to make it look more realistic.The half up pony tail or bun styles are really popular now, and half wigs give you the option of doing just that. 

Which style is your favorite? Let us know.