Take a Trip with Jhene Aiko's Surprise Album Release

Four years following the release of her solo album, Souled Out, Jhené Aiko has finally graced us with a new album. Two weeks ago, Jhené dropped her new album and a short film.

Throughout her album titled, Trip, Jhené chronicles her journey dealing with the death of her brother Miyagi over the past 5 years. Her refusal to let in love unless it resembles that of the one she shared with her brother forces her to teeter the fine line between solitude and hermitage. Jhené finds herself turning to drugs constantly dipping in and out of reality just long enough to escape her yearning for her best friend. The album features Swae Lee, fellow edge snatcher, Brandy and her boyfriend, Big Sean.


On Instagram, Jhené posted about the literal meaning of trip in the album, explaining how with the death of her grandfather and brother she’s attempted to escape the reality through “physical trips by car, by plane,” with the use of drugs and poetry. The album begins with “LSD” her attempt to escape the stresses of a sober life, but finding that with every attempt to escape reality she moves closer to the fact that she cannot replace her brother’s presence with distractions. She continues this vibe with “Sativa,” another outlet for her pain. Trip features music that portrays Jhené’s battle throughout the past 5 years and her inability to get over the gaping hole that losing her brother left. The album features more upbeat music with boyfriend, Big Sean, in "Moments" and her daughter, Namiko Love, in "Sing to Me," a positive twist on an otherwise gut-wrenching album.

Trip is available now on Spotify and Apple Music. What’s your favorite song on the album?