What's Trending in Fall Fashion 2017

Source:  Instagram

Source: Instagram

Strut and Slay!

Fall is officially here and there are tons of fashion trends that has swept in with the new, chilly weather as well. Of course, this is perfect weather for sweaters and boots, but there are a lot more that are pieces worth trying too. For example, there are some colors that are perfect Fall colors and are very complimentary for women of color.


Red is an amazing color that radiates of the skin of colored women, especially. If we can't do anything else, we sure can rock the hell out of the color red.  It looks so great our skin and we just simply make it pop. From red hair to red clothing and a fierce red lip, we do it oh so well.  


Boots, booties, and thigh highs are definitely a must have for both the fall and winter seasons. Not only are boots always trending for the season, but now they come in so many textures, colors, shapes and sizes that we have so many options to choose from.  Suede, velvet, snake skin, and glitter are some accents that I have been into for my boots this season.  

Faux Fur

Not only are faux furs extremely cute and chic, they can also be great statement pieces to wear in order to stand out from the usual crowd. Faux furs  jazz up any outfit. Some are definitely better than others and not all will keep you warm, but if you are like me and can bare the cold to be cute, then girl run and get you one too.

Sheer Tops

Last, but certainly not least, sheer tops. With every turn of my head, there goes another sheer outfit or top around the way. I must admit that I have fallen for them and I am looking to get some sheer pieces myself. There are sheer dress, bodysuits, tops, socks and more (pretty much almost everything you can imagine). They can be paired with cute bras, bralets or even crop tops underneath to cover up your lady parts. Sheer pieces can definitely be considered one of those trends that keeps circling around, and I am here to tell you that I am here for it!

Do you follow trends? Which one will you be rocking this fall? Let us know.

Paige Johnson