The Genesis of Stefflon Don

Source:  HungerTV

Source: HungerTV

British grime rapper Stefanie Allen, known by her moniker Stefflon Don, is quickly making a name for herself in the UK and now US music scene. Fresh off of releasing her new single "Hurtin' Me" featuring French Montana, the 25-year-old rapper begun her career with a head turning version of Section Boyz' "Lock Arff." From then, she has been working hard to get her name, brand and image chiseled to perfection. 

Her music (especially her single "16 Shots") has Jamaican influences, where her parents are from. Often drawing comparisons to Nicki Minaj with her use of colored wigs and patios-ridden verses, Don has still emerged as London's new grime queen and is ready to prove that she and Minaj are in fact different. 

Although she does have dancehall influences, they come specifically from a Dutch variation called "bubbling;" an original Dutch beat created when a Dutch DJ accidentally played a dancehall song at the wrong speed. The reason Dutch music is so important is because it was the city of her childhood. Don is fluent in the language and has used the beat in several songs. 

I just stumbled upon Don. Waiting in a doctor's office, I lazily flipped through the magazine until I saw her. She has an image that immediately draws your attention. She is cocky, but with a swag that will instantly let you know that she can back her talk up.  I jumped on Youtube, looked up "Real Ting" and fell in love. She lays her flow on thick, giving you something to taste with every breath.  She makes smart jabs with glamour and just has fun with her music. 

Do yourself a favor and get into this girl.  Stefflon Don is on her way to becoming a force to be reckoned with.