Women Who Inspire Us || 8 Creative Women of Color Paving the Way

For the women in hip hop and the women inspired by it.

It's been 2 years since my professor introduced the idea of hip hop feminism to me. It's been about 2 years since I realized there's no true outlet highlighting women in hip hop. So I came up with the idea of creating an Instagram account to celebrate women in hip hop, which then evolved into this website turned community. But now 2 years later, I've also realized women in hip hop are more than just the women in the industry, it's also the women who sing along to the beats of stations like Hot 97. 

Credit:  Instagram

Credit: Instagram

From fashion to the arts, women of color are inspired by hip hop on a daily basis and they use this inspiration to empower and inspire other women as well. To celebrate and cap out our birthday month, here women paving the way whether they are behind the DJ booth or in the audience singing and dancing along through the wee hours of the morning even though they have work the next day:


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From graphic design to product design, photography and more, Laci has set out to leave her mark on the design industry. This 20-something, Alabama-born, artist is creating her own creative lane. Oozing from her work are bold and bright colors, pop culture and people of color. Unapologetic and authentic, her work speaks to the millennial crowd as she keeps a pulse on the recent news, political movements and pop culture.


Infectious, the first thing that comes to mind when we're asked to describe her dope personality. Tasneem Nathari is a recent college graduate and she uses her platform, Hoodrat Feminist, to discuss women in hip hop, celebrating and empowering women and more. She was inspired to create the platform after taking a Black Feminist class at her university. She wanted to create content geared towards women in her neighborhood and that she did.


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Evelynn, as known as Eve Meets West, is a social media specialist that has collaborated with many well-known fashion and beauty brands from Adidas to Beats by Dr Dre and more. She works on branding other brands. Eve also created her blog, Eve Meets West, as a creative outlet to inspire women everywhere while expressing her love of streetwear, sneakers, style, travel and more.


Based in Toronto, Canada, Alicia “Ace” West is definitely making a name for herself. She is an on-air personality and a content creator. She has been establishing a unique network media broadcasting while building her own digital platform.


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Who else do you know that’s been putting together sounds and beats since elementary school? The DMV native, Dylan Ali, also known as Dylan the Gypsy has made a name for herself in world of NYC’s nightlife. She doing more than playing the top radio hits, but rather curating sounds, culture and vibes for the crowd.


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This Bronx-born, NYC native took a risk and decided to quit her 9-5 job in 2015 to pursue her love of photography full-time. Since then Ravie B has covered many music and cultural events. She has worked with major brands like Nike and Beats by Dre. She has also been credited and featured in many top media publications for her photos of celebrities like Drake. Ravie B also shot one of our favorite photos of Beyoncé and Jay Z.


We’re always looking forward to her next Insta-story post as she educates us on what’s up with Black culture and fashion. Shelby is currently a Media Manager at L’Oreal. She has written for top publications, worked to digitize brands and knows the ins and outs of marketing. We can’t wait to see what she has coming up next.


What better way to describe Ivy than stealing words right from her Instagram bio: a full-time hustler. We have to admit breaking into the media industry is hard, but Ivy has been doing it for years and is rising. She has created her own show and will soon be appearing in BET’s latest show, Hustle in Brooklyn. Are you tuning in?

With all the dope things women of color have been excelling at, we are excited to see what the future holds and what other amazing things women of color will be up to.

Aissatou Diallo