Karena Evans: The #LadyBoss Behind Drake's Latest Music Videos

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Rap beef drama aside, Drake has been putting out dope hit after hit this summer (unsuprisingly). But accompanying these hits, are dope music videos to match. The genius director behind these videos? Karena Evans—a Toronto native, and creative queen on the come up. A worthy and important topic of discussion.

It all started with the innovative and heartwarming “God’s Plan” video. The video was different than anything many of us have seen and when we learned who was behind it all, we were immensely impressed. At only 22 years old and in a male dominated industry, Evans has brought a fresh perspective and made huge waves. Soon to follow, were her videos for Drake’s “Nice for What,” and—the latest— “I’m Upset.”

Evans began as an intern at Director X’s production company, Popp Rok. With a natural knack for storytelling, and a hardworking spirit she quickly learned the ropes and developed her visual style.

Additionally, Evans has directed videos for artists like Anders, Belly, Sir, SZA, and more. She also worked on CBC Arts “Heartbreak to Art” campaign and “Black Lives Matter,” a social commentary.

In February, Evans was awarded the Prism Prize Lipsett Award. As the first ever female recipient, it was a big deal. 

At such a young age, Evans has done big things. She’s breaking boundaries and paving the way for black women in the industry, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

If you are interested in seeing more of her work, here is a link to her Vimeo where she posts all of it!

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