Teyana Taylor Hijacking Jeremih's Tour Is Actually #Goals

Photo cred: Instagram.com

Photo cred: Instagram.com

Although Teyana Taylor has been in the game since 2009, when she debuted her first mixtape titled From a Planet Called Harlem, she became well-known in 2016, when she was the lead in Kanye West’s “Fade” music video. Her amazing body and skillful dance moves captivated a wide audience, catapulting her into the limelight.

Following the notoriety from the “Fade” music video, she went on to star in movies, acting as the protagonist in Honey: Rise Up and Dance, snagged her own reality TV show titled Teyana and Iman, and most recently, released her second studio album, K.T.S.E. With her success in music, movies, and TV, it looks like Teyana is on the verge of a major come-up and isn't looking to slow down anytime soon. Just when it seemed as though things couldn't get any better for her -- they did. 

Partnering up with R&B artist, Jeremih, Teyana embarked on the "Later That Night" tour on August 8th. Taylor sold out her first venue in years and was met with loads of love and adoration from fans. 

But wait -- there's more. Teyana didn't just show up and show out during the tour, she hijacked the tour.

Photo cred:   Instagram  .  com

Photo cred: Instagram.com

Following a heated altercation with Jeremih, on Thursday, Teyana announced that she would no longer be touring with the pop artist. Instead, she would embark on her own solo endeavor -- which turned out to be a revamped version of "Later That Night" with her as the sole headliner! 

And ticketholders didn't seem to mind one bit: she sold out another venue, taking stage to a huge crowd of adoring and supportive fans.

Now listen: I'm not here for artists beefing with one another or trying to be in competition; BUT, I am here for all of this #BlackGirlMagic. Jeremih has years of fame and success ahead of Teyana. Even though they both started around the same time, Taylor took a lot longer to become a household name (and she's still working towards that). Jeremih has had numerous hits and collaborated with many other successful artists, which makes the fact that Teyana could headline the tour without him -- and still have a great turnout -- extremely impressive. 

Taylor is an amazing performer, which is a huge contribution to her success. Not only that, but she is hungry for stardom -- and it shows. It's about time that people start putting more value on an artist's talent and dedication, rather than how popular they are. Jeremih has been called out many times before by fans for being a lazy performer; even once, he allegedly sent his friend on stage to perform on his behalf

What makes it even more great is that Teyana Taylor is showing the media, society, and -- most importantly -- Black women, that hard work and dedication will always prevail. Taylor has worked steadily over the past two years to get to where she is now and refuses to be unappreciated, no matter the status or reputation of the person she is working with. Despite the thousands of haters who tried to call her a "diva," assert that Jeremih was more talented and valuable than her, and discredit her negative experiences with her ex-tour partner, Teyana knew her worth and pushed through -- which paid off. 

In many atmospheres, women are still unappreciated and undervalued, not to mention unfairly targeted. With all that we're put through, sometimes it's nice to see a woman assert her dominance and triumph over a man. Was the way Teyana and Jeremih split necessarily right?

Nope. But I'm absolutely here for it.

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