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Will We Finally Get Our Darkskin Representation With Asian Doll As The New "It" Girl?

Outspoken and undeniably authentic, Asian Doll is quickly solidifying herself in the rap game. Signed to Gucci Mane’s label, 1017 Records, Asian Doll very well could be hip-hop’s next “It” girl, finally giving us melanated sisters the darkskin representation we’ve been waiting on since the 90s. However, with the immense challenges to face, like colorism in the hip-hop industry and its longtime practice of only having one popular female rapper at a time, does Asian Doll have what it takes to climb the charts and dominate the industry?

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The Holy Trinity of Pop Are Winning 2017, No Question

Black Women dominant virtually anything they approach, and no one epitomizes this concept like the Holy Trinity. Coined in recent years, Rihanna, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj epitomize the excellence and dedication Black Women have showcased for ages and in the last year of 2017 they have won again and again, showing what is really magical about Black Women and today we spotlight their achievements.

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Meatless Beef: Why Eve's Concerns are a Non-Problem

Honestly, Eve’s comments weren’t necessary. They were actually sort of hypocritical, and reeked of the slut shaming respectability politics many women have been held to over the years in the music industry. The type of politics developed by men to limit women and how the express themselves in order to force them conform eventually. 

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Study Vibez: First Edition

As a student myself, this is a constant conversation I have with as I am going down the lengthy list of assignments I have to complete. These 7 songs will help you focus, while giving you a nice beat to nod your head too while you are reading that long article, or starting to write the 5 page essay due next week.

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Fishbowl Bohemia in the Hip Hop Industry

It’s the idea that everything you do is under some watchful, judgmental eye and that no matter what you do you will never escape. Not only is your every victory undermined by those around you, but your every fault or trip is magnified across dozens of anonymous conversations.

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Actually, Even Beyoncé's Art is Honest

Beyonce's LEMONADE isn't the first substantial piece of mainstream art to be accused of in-authenticity due to its notable platform across the country -- if not world. For some reason, Americans seems obsessed with proving mainstream Art is of less honesty than art formed on the low -- no matter how many times they're disproved.

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