Women Rap Groups Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Women rap groups (from top left) City Girls, Salt-N-Peppa, and Pink Dollaz (Photo credit: Instagram)   

Women rap groups (from top left) City Girls, Salt-N-Peppa, and Pink Dollaz (Photo credit: Instagram)


With the rise of the City Girls, a girl rap group comprised of members Jatavia "JT" Johnson and Caresha "Yung Miami" Brownlee, hip-hop fans are once again reminded of the fierceness and flava that exude from women rap groups. Dating back as far as the late-1970s (hip-hop group The Sequence is commonly regarded as the first female rap group, with hits like "Funk You Up" and "I Don't Need Your Love"), women have been killing the rap game with mighty lyrics and melodious ad-libs. 

While we can all appreciate a good song -- or good artist -- regardless of gender, we must admit that the male experience -- and thus male voices -- is overwhelmingly dominant in the hip-hop sphere. Tales of fast cars, sexual conquests, and moving weight often leave female hip-hops fans wanting, either not able to relate to those experiences or not able to connect with it like they could with the feminized version.

Here is where women rappers -- especially rap groups -- come in; they deliver our experiences (or the ones we like to pretend we've had) with style and embolden us to be ourselves, speak our truth, and expect nothing less than the best. Before we openly celebrated and heralded #girlpower, these women were breaking down doors and taking up male space for the rest of us, there to show that you can do and be anything (and not have to hold your tongue while doing so). The reason women rap groups are so special is that they remind us that powerful and outspoken women can band together and that the hip-hop industry doesn't always need to have a "queen bee" -- there can be multiple, all at the same time. Not only that, but they deliver the same satisfaction that people get from bands or pop groups -- each member's personality and talent shine through, offering us the pleasure of multiple talented people for the price of one. 

Back in 2009, during the era of "jerking music" (admittedly, I still know how to jerk; it's like riding a bicycle -- you never forget), I remember two specific female rap groups that my sister and I would always listen to; Vixen Ent and Pink Dollaz. Thinking back on it, a 10-year-old probably shouldn't have been listening to some of the lyrics they put out, but on the bright side, listening to them is probably where I got my brazenness from. I remember all of the words to their songs, but most importantly, I remember the way I felt while listening to them: free, fun, and in the words of PTAF -- like a boss a** bi**h. I heard the voices of women who knew what they wanted, went out there and got it, and constantly reminded themselves and others of their worth. 

When I first heard of the City Girls, it was like a blast from the past. Not only are their voices extremely similar to members of Vixen Ent and Pink Dollaz, but their confidence, dominance, and high levels of not giving af reminded me of everything great about women rap groups. No matter what era; from the late-80s, when rapstresses Salt-N-Pepa showed the fellas how to "Push It," to the late-2010s, when artists City Girls remind us to never have time for a broke dude, women rap groups will never lose the power to help us have fun -- and flex our BDE while doing it. 

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