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Will We Finally Get Our Darkskin Representation With Asian Doll As The New "It" Girl?

Outspoken and undeniably authentic, Asian Doll is quickly solidifying herself in the rap game. Signed to Gucci Mane’s label, 1017 Records, Asian Doll very well could be hip-hop’s next “It” girl, finally giving us melanated sisters the darkskin representation we’ve been waiting on since the 90s. However, with the immense challenges to face, like colorism in the hip-hop industry and its longtime practice of only having one popular female rapper at a time, does Asian Doll have what it takes to climb the charts and dominate the industry?

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The #HomegirlCypher: Aminah Dantzler, The Painter Behind All Things Black Beauty

The sun radiated beautifully and highlighted all the melanin magic. Your eyes couldn’t help but gaze from one person to another and admire the beautiful curls, afros, and twist-outs. Apart from celebrating curly tresses, there were games, giveaways, live demos, and music from the dopest DJs. Positive vibes only was the motto as everyone showed love to one another. Amongst the crowd was a gem: artist Aminah Dantzler.

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The #Homegirl Cypher: Tola L. and Gyrl Wonder

In a world where the needs and potential of the girl (especially those of color) are often overlooked, Gyrl Wonder provides mentorship and resources to these girls, so that they can realize their full capacity. I was given the chance to sit down with the organization's founder and creative driving factor, Tola L., for a Q&A session. Here is what she had to say.

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